Friday, July 22, 2011

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Bilingual Guitar

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Bilingual Guitar
Brand NEW
Price : RM 75
Perfect as a gift to ur lil one!!


Sing away while the animals play! Through rhythm, rhyme and sing-along songs, little ones can rock out and sharpen learning skills like counting, numbers and animal sound recognition. Younger learners can play with the guitar on the floor, pressing the fret buttons and turning the knob in the center. Older tots can engage in true rock-star style, holding the guitar while it plays.

How does it work?

Three fun learning modes can be used in both English and Spanish.
  • In Number Mode, whimsical songs introduce counting. 
  • Animal Mode helps kids make the connection between animals and their sounds. 
  • And Music Play Mode encourages tuneful freeplay as kids jig along to a lively rendition of "Old MacDonald" while activating a chorus of wacky animal sounds.

  • Rock away while the animals play! 
  • Language switch enables bilingual learning. 
  • Features three ways to play: Numbers, Animals and Music Play learning modes. 
  • Lively music and interactive activity help develop motor skills.

What does it teach?
Introduces counting 1-5, animal names and sounds and number-object correlation in English and Spanish.
Requires 3 "AA" batteries, included. Measures 13.5" x 6.5"

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