Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tiny Love Clip & Go Musical Mobile



Tiny Love Clip & Go Musical Mobile The Tiny Love Clip & Go Musical Mobile is the musical mobile built for mobility. It fits most baby carriers, strollers and cradles. The developmental elements relevant to the product are the senses, object permanence, language & communication and EQ. It exposes the child to classical music as the mobile features 5 continuous classical music tunes. The mobile has two stages of operation for a child from newborn right on up. The first stage of the mobile is for early visual development while the second stage features 3D colorful and soft dangling animals.

Product Features :
- Double sided for 2 developmental stages
0-3 months : Contrasting black, white and red elements for baby's early development
3 months onwards : Dimensional colorful soft dangling animals for babies further visual development
- Specially designed clip for easy attachment
- Easy change from one stage to another 

Tiny Love Clip & Go Musical Mobile
Used in good condition

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