Sunday, May 30, 2010

PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizer (Brand NEW)

PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizer
Brand NEW In Box
 Retail Price : RM 339.00

PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizer is designed to accept all sizes and shapes of feeding bottles can can accomodate up to nine standard sized bottles.
Rapid six-minute steam sterilisation cycle effectively destroys bacteria, without the use of chemicals.
Automatically switches off when the sterilisation cycle is complete - the power-on indicator shows that the unit is switched on.
A large accessory tray holds all bottle accessories for the convenience of sterilisation.
When not opened, the steam sterilizer keeps contents sterile for up to six hours.

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  1. Compared to other sterilization methods like CIP or SIP, steam sterilizer provides an economical solution to sterilize medical waste, infectious waste and other materials. This machine not only helps to eliminate the problem of environmental pollution by doing away with methods like incineration but also helps to minimize and eliminate the expense of disposing off untreated medical waste.Do u wanna know more about the advantages application of steam sterilizers?



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